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Contractor Management

Cosmos Consulting uses a manual review process to evaluate potential contractors and consultants. It is our belief that not all contractors, consultants or situations are the same and consequently should be evaluated based upon the needs of the Operator or General Contractor and the proficiencies of the Operator or General Contractor. Our review and evaluation process goes far beyond a checklist ensuring that the paperwork accurately reflects implementation in the field. For most reviews this includes one or more field visits and employee interviews. Don’t be surprised by the contractor you hire and don’t let them put you in a tight spot. Know what you are getting into and manage your contractors accordingly.

Let us help you make sure your contractors excel. For an additional consultation, please contact us at info@comsosconsultingllc.com.

Soon we will be offering a software solution that will assist in your contractor management efforts. Managing key indicators, requirements and performance milestones will assist in the bottom line performance of your organization and keep you out in front of any potential landmines.

The Four Components of the Contractor Management Process:

Pre-Qualification Process:

  • Operator defines expectations,
    roles and responsibilities and scope
  • Expectations communicated to contractor
  • Confirmation that minimum expectations can be met

Review Documentation:

  • Training, certifications and
  • Insurance and licenses
  • Performance history
  • Policies and procedures
  • Historical evaluations/audits
  • Regulatory performance

Perform Field Audit Evaluations :

  • Field observations
  • Employee interviews
  • Reference assessments


Manage Contractor Performance :

  • Documentation
  • Field observations
  • Coaching and feedback



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