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About Us

COSMOS EHSS CONSULTING LLC., maintains cutting edge approaches in every facet of Environmental, Health, Security and Safety. Our consultants thoroughly understand current interpretations of OSHA, NFPA, DOT and industry best practices.  We have extensive experience in Telecommunications, Construction, Fire EMS Rescue Service, Manufacturing, Service Industries, Business Continuity Planning and Emergency Management.

Our Security experts have evaluated and designed physical and personal protection throughout the world for several influential families and organizations. From the most basic to the elaborate we can design an approach that is right for you.

Cosmos EHSS Consulting is a member of the National Safety Management Society, American Society of Safety Engineers, Institute for Safety and Health Management and the National Safety Council. Our staff is dedicated to providing a safe, secure and healthy work environment for all workers. We believe in an integrated business approach that recongizes a business’s most important asset is its people. By protecting your People, Property and Processes we can assist your organization by positively impacting your bottom line.

Cosmos EHSS Consulting is a Pennsylvania company whose certified environmental, health, security and safety professionals serve clients located across the continental United States.


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