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FAQs - Answers for you
Why eLearning?

ELearning provides many benefits to employers looking to deliver quality training while maintaining a reasonable budget. ELearning allows 24/7/365 access for employees needing specific safety training which enables them to complete their work tasks in a safe and efficient manner. Employers have immediate access to all training records and a systematic documentation process. Efficiencies are improved as the time spent on completing and filing paperwork is eliminated.

What is a Learning Management System?
  • Commonly known as LMS, this system is used to deliver, track and manage learning and training materials. Our LMS allows companies to design training curriculum and schedules, manage and report out on progress, retrieve data through a variety of reporting applications and utilize custom documents to deliver company specific information. 
Can I utilize my own LMS?
  • Yes. Our course curriculum can be set up on your existing LMS or we can install our LMS on your servers.
How easy is it to learn the system?
  • Our LMS is easy to learn and easy to use. It is simple to navigate and includes an online help section which details the site functions and features. 
Can I customize the site for my company's needs?
  • Yes. We provide complete flexibility and freedom. It is our belief that the effectiveness of any training program is enhanced when the program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. You can upload specific policies, procedures and/or documents to personalize your site.
Are the topics OSHA compliant?
  • Yes. All subject matter follows the required standard for the academic portion of the applicable regulations including OSHA, DOT, EPA and JCAHO. Should certain standards require practical (hands-on) training, that training will be available to you through Cosmos Consulting or an accredited training agency.
What Topics are specific to my training needs?
  • Training topics should be selected based on the hazards and requirements present at your particular location. 
  • Beyond basic core requirements a thorough evaluation of the risks and hazards associated with your operation should be conducted to determine the appropriate training for your organization.
Is any hardware or software required?
  • No. However, because you'll be accessing the site and training with a web browser, we recommend Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 or higher.
When are new and updated courses available?
  • Cosmos eLearning is continuously develop new courses that fit the needs of our clients. Our goal is to expand our topics continuously. As regulations change we automatically update the course content to comply with the new regulations.  Any client who purchase the entire library will automatically have access to new courses at no additional cost.
Is the training documented?
  • Yes. Every time a course is completed and the test data is saved a secure record is established in the database. All courses completed, test scores, questions answered, date, time and other pertinent data are recorded for access by an administrator 24/7/365.
Is the training system truly web-based?
  • Yes. Cosmos eLearning is 100% web-based training. All of our eLearning training courses are reviewed and tested online. Students and administrators have access to their training records 24/7/365 through access to our Learning Management System (LMS) from anywhere you have internet access.
    Note: Training courses that require a hands-on component for certification will be noted accordingly.

Can I conduct group training sessions?
  • TBA
What are my payment options?
  • Credit Card on line
  • Special billing arrangements